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Hello. I am maan singh and I am a tall rural man. I am a farmer by profession and I have a strong desire for brutal sex. I am always in search of ladies and girls with whom I could establish relationships and I could satisfy my hunger for cruel sex.

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It happened last year when I was driving a car with my friends pamma, makhan, and umesh. Suddenly a motorcycle came before my car and I could not take control over the car and it hit the motorcycle. There were two persons on the bike, a young man of age about 21 years and a girl of about 18 years. We were very angry with their act and scolded them. He too abused us saying that it was my fault. Suddenly there was a large gathering arround us. Then came two policemen and they ask what the matter was. I explained all the event that was happened. But suddenly the girl gave her statement that we has made remarks on that and had tried to touch her boobs from our car. Now we were very surpriced with the statement. She further said to get escape from us they tried to drive rash and had met an accident with our car.

The police man took us to the police station and they took in the police custody for a whole night. In the morning we offered some money to the policemen and also there was no response from the girl. So they took the money and left us. We were very angry about the act of girl. We decided to take revenge of that. So we now searched for both of them. We got information that the boy was vinay and he was a son of a very well known businessman and girl was Rashmi a daughter of a govt. officer in the same town. And they would get married after 10 days. So we followed them and never got any chance that they were out of sight from us. We had a plan that we will kidnap them and make fun with the girl and then leave him. After 10 days there was a function of their marriage and we get into it. We enjoyed the party and also got information from their parents that they will go for a honeymoon day after tomorrow. We had a very good chance and on the next day they both took a car and leave for simla. We followed them and got a chance to capture them. We over took our car and stopped before their car. He stopped the car and asked us to gave him the way to go.

When I took my head out of the window he was terriefied. I took a revolver and ask him to proceed towards his car. Makhan, pamma and umesh also go with them. I took my car to a lonely rest hotel. Vinay was also forced to drive his car behind me. We took a room in the hotel. Hotel owner was an old man and we easily get control over her. It was a very small hotel having only three rooms. We ordered him not to allow any body to enter this hotel. And cut telephone line of the hotel that he could not inform the police. We too both of them to a room and tied the husband with a rope in the chair. Rashmi was now begging for mercy and feeling sorry for his act fifteen days before. We first of all brought some lunch and ask the bride to ate and also gave to his hunband. She was wearing a red saree and was looking like a goddess. After the lunch I took the mobile of vinay and ask rashmi to dial the number of his parents and ask them that both had reached the hotel. She did so.

Now the way was clear for us. We ask vinay that today we will tell you and your bride what is happened when somebody tease you and touch the boobs. He was totally silent but was watching the whole scene with shame and grief.

We took the chair of vinay in the middle so that he could see all the scene very closely. First of all we quitely took off all her ornaments and place them near the chair of her husband. He was looking very quitely. Umesh tried to took off the saree but she was resisting and. I grabbed her hands and made the way clear for umesh. He slowly started stripping her. He took off her blouse and then petticot and she was in her bra and panty.

We were enjoying her stripping. Suddenly makhan saw a movie camera in their bag. It was a handy camera and a fully empty cassette was loaded in it. There were four more cassettes in their bag. So he placed the camera in the suitable position. We were now kissing the bride and she was trying to get rid of us. She was looking for her husband for help but he too was helpless. There was a discussion in us that who will fuck this bride first. So we had a lottery of names and acts that had to be done with the bride. First of all pamma got a chance and act was foot fucking. She was very terrified. I again suggested that she could easily do handjob too so one more man could be allowed. Now umesh got the chance.

Both of them took their dicks out. Both of them were well developed and had large dicks. Pamma got near her feet and umesh near her body. Pamma took off her sandals and shove his dick in the gap between her feet. And umesh asked her to hold her cock in her hands and to do blowjob. She resissted then I gave her a harder slap. She now obeyed what we said. He made a blowjob for umesh and pamma fucked her from her feet. After ten minutes of handfucking umesh and pamma were both over and the throw their cum on her feet and hands. Now I and makhan were left.  more

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